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LIp COLORS that never let me down

More than 80 percent of us wear lipstick. If you’re reading MediumBlonde, I’m guessing you’re one of them. And while so-called National Days (Caesar Salad Day…really?) are pretty silly, tomorrow is National Lipstick Day, and I thought I’d use it as an excuse to share (and re-share) some of my all-time favorite lipcolors.

Mattes for Non-Millennials

In the 1990s, I loved a matte lip. For day, it was brown, like Rachel wore on Friends; for night, it was red-brick a la Gwen Stefani. And MAC lipsticks were the ultimate, with their rich, opaque, uber-flat finish and vanilla scent. But when grunge and MTV’s TRL went away, so did matte lipcolor. For about ten years. Then, a few daring brands began to dabble in mattes again, and as an editor, I championed the comeback. Then I swiped one on. Things were good (and nostalgic) for five minutes. Then it was hell.