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Darling, You Look Radiant!

I’ve tried dozens of primers and tinted moisturizers that promise luminosity. But they’re often laced with shimmer that make my skin look older by sinking into and emphasizing pores and fine lines. One time I showed up at the office of my dermatologist, Neal Schultz, MD, wearing a radiance-boosting CC Cream, and he sighed in relief once the makeup was removed, saying, “Your skin looks so much better with that off.” However, I’ve just discovered a new duo that gives me the healthy glow promised (but not delivered) by those makeup products. Even better, they're not even makeup.

Feeling a little sensitive?

My skin is not sensitive. But it is occasionally sensitized. That means it looks and feels like sensitive skin (red, flakey, sore), but the condition's temporary and self-inflicted—often the result of over-aggressive at-home exfoliating (or, in the winter, wind-burn). When this happens, I seek out skincare formulas that are gentle, soothing and low on active ingredients.

Sweep This On for a Serotonin Boost

By now, most of us know that the effects of beauty products are more than skin deep. They don’t just make us look better; they can make us feel better too. Thus, my new It Cosmetics bronzer makes me feel like summer’s around the corner—and, like sunsets at 10 p.m., a full glass of Whispering Angel rosé, and days where I wear a bathing suit all day, this releases happy chemicals in my brain.

Bring-Less, Look-Better Travel Tips

When I’m traveling, I aim to carry my luggage on board the plane. I was not always like this (just ask my beauty editor friend Didi who, for years, counted on me to pack the entire contents of my bathroom vanity when we went on press trips, enabling her to bring like a toothbrush and then borrow the rest). But, after losing my luggage too many times, and nearly missing flights because I was waiting in miles-long lines to check my bag, I finally learned how to minimize my beauty gear. My secret? Primp in advance; here's my strategy:

The Anti-Aging Power Of Pink

It’s not your imagination: Your cheeks and lips are paler than they were twenty years ago. Like hair, skin loses color with age, and the increasing sallowness can make us look drab and tired, even when we’ve had eight hours of sleep. Fair? No, but fixable.