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Spend Or Skip? GrandeBROW (7 week update)

I must confess that I procrastinated writing this post one extra week because I was somewhat discouraged by my GrandeBROW results thus far. At the six-week mark (one week ago), I'd not noted a significant improvement in density—nor new growth in my brows' anemic tails. But then, over the weekend, I took an “after” photo, and when I compared it to my “before” taken in late July, I was surprised at what I saw.

Spend or Skip? GrandeBROW

If every anti-aging product on the market really did what it claimed, we'd all look 18. And while there are many effective products that help make the most of our looks as we age (and I, for one, like the way I look better at 45 than I did at 18), there are also many that are nothing but snake oil. Thus, I've created this series, Spend or Skip?, in which I will apply my twenty years as a beauty guinea pig to objectively road-test and review buzz-generating, anti-aging products that everyone's talking about. The mission: to help you decide whether to buy—or bypass—the latest fountain of youth. My latest testee: GrandeBROW