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Spend or Skip: Rodan + Fields Lash Boost (8 weeks)

Spend or Skip: Rodan + Fields Lash Boost (8 weeks)

It works. So many of you have been messaging me, asking when my next Lash Boost update will appear, I didn’t want to bury the lead. So there you go: Lash Boost delivers. Here’s the scoop.

When I updated you at about the four-week mark, my lashes were not significantly longer or thicker, though I’d noticed a slight improvement in the density of my right lashes, which have always been sparser than my left.

But around week seven, things got pretty dramatic. I know it’s probably not physiologically possible, but my lashes really did seem to grow overnight, like Jack’s beanstalk. Or like when you wake up and have a chin hair you know was not there the night before.

I was hastily applying mascara and thought, wow, when did that happen? My lashes, particularly those in the middle of my top lids, were noticeably longer. Not just for-me long. Long-long.

Now, at week nine, they are so long, I understand Katie’s compulsion to trim (as I detailed in my first post on Lash Boost).

What I’m still waiting for is a noticeable improvement in fullness. I assume my lashes are longer primarily because Lash Boost has somehow extended their growth cycle (meaning they’ve stayed attached to my lid and continued to grow, whereas previously they’d be long gone down my bathroom drain by now). Thus, I should have new growth…soon, and when that happens, I would expect the new growth coupled with my long fringe will equal an uptick in density.

Several of you wrote to say, your wow moment didn’t happen until week 12, so I will report back again then to let you know if my lash thickness has improved. It’s also worth noting that I was told one tube would last about eight weeks, but I’m a week beyond that now and am still getting ample product with each application.

How’s it going for you? Message me with your progress—or questions:

Or write in the comments section, below!

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