Can I Get An Amen?

Last June I went on a press trip to Calistoga, California hosted by Perricone M.D., the wellness brand launched twenty years ago by Nicholas Perricone, M.D.. You know him: He’s the dermatologist whose bestselling book The Wrinkle Cure first introduced us to the skin-aging impact of inflammation—and he’s the guy who got us all eating salmon.

This Did Make Me Feel Better

We’ve been renovating our house since last September, and it’s been stressful. Yes, I know this is a privileged, first-world “problem.” And I’m grateful that we have the means to improve our home—I'm hopeful that it will be a wonderful place to live. (So #blessed, etc.) But this doesn’t change the fact that living through construction = elevated cortisol levels. The dust. The drilling. The nonstop country music. (I like Luke Bryan, just not when I’m on deadline.) 

How to Make Second-Day Hair Look Polished

This post is the third in a series on weaning myself off my blowdryer—and learning to like my natural waves. The first post tackled the importance of moisture, the second explained how to make a product cocktail to coax beachy waves, and this installment is all about what to do when you wake up the day after you’ve shampooed and styled…and your hair looks like an SOS pad.

Spend or Skip? Oralgen NuPearl 32X Teeth-Whitening Kit

I’ve written before about why I believe everyone 40+ should whiten her teeth at least once a year—and I shared some of my favorite express whitening options. However, speedy options typically don’t come without some compromises: They may not get you quite as white as formulas that take one to two weeks to work. And they can increase teeth-sensitivity because of the accelerated whitening process.  

My Styling Cocktail For Beachy Waves

Earlier this month, I started a series outlining how I care for my wavy hair. As someone who has regularly straightened her hair for years (most of my adult life), learning to style my waves (and actually liking the way they looked) has taken time—like a year and counting. For a longtime beauty editor, it’s been a surprisingly steep learning curve. Thus, I decided to share the tricks and best products I’ve discovered along the way in hopes it will help those of you trying (or tempted) to go au naturel too.

How I Learned to Love (Ok, Like) My Natural Waves

I’ve straightened my naturally-wavy hair for most of my adult life. When we lived in New York, I blew it dry almost every time I washed it (or, better yet, I went to a salon and had it professionally done). In my headshot, my hair is straight. When I got married, my hair was twisted into an updo—after I blew it straight. For job interviews, school interviews, television interviews...whenever I had an important event, my hair was always, always straight. 

Too Good Not To Share

Regular readers will know I rarely wear foundation anymore, having downshifted to tinted moisturizer (a.k.a. BB Creams or CC Creams—similar products, different marketing.) I find lighter, sheerer formulas to be more flattering on my aging skin, as they don’t sink into pores or lines—or cling to dry patches.