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Sore, Cracking Cuticles? Grab This

My cuticles are a mess this time of year. They grow thick and dry—and then they tear and bleed. Regular hand creams don’t even begin to soothe them. And cuticle oils help but are often inconvenient and messy to apply. I find most don’t absorb quickly enough, and then they drip all over my keyboard or iPhone.

Holiday Metallic Mani

For years, I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect gold nail polish. I love the idea of glittering, golden nails for the holidays. Like a statement cocktail ring, it’s a chic, easy accessory to an LBD. However, most gold lacquers I’ve tried have been too yellow or too pale for my skin, leaving my nails looking more fungus-ed than festive. Until now.

Still Feeling Blue

I’ve already declared my devotion to denim-colored tips and toes. So it’s not surprising that my two favorite hues in Essie’s newest nail lacquer collections are blue too—albeit moodier, green-spiked takes on the tint.

Blue Lacquer: Your New Neutral

I get the appeal of sheer, pale-pink polish. It's classic, goof-proof, universally-flattering, and it goes with pretty much everything. It's like the lacquer equivalent of a white, button-down shirt. But allow me, for a moment, to make a case for blue.