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Mascara Master Class

Around the same time we start seeing hair where we don’t want it (on chins and necks or, worst of all, growing out of noses), we suffer the double injustice of having it grow sparser where we do want fullness, like along our lashline. Thanks very little, hormonal fluctuations.

S.O.S. For Disappearing Brows

It’s not your imagination: Brows do grow thinner (and grayer) with each decade. If you battle Eugene-Levy-like brows, this may be a welcome change. But for those of us with barely-there or fair brows, this is not a happy transition. I fall in the latter camp.

Is Your Blush Making You Look Old?

The year I turned 40, I was invited to sit on a panel with several other magazine beauty editors. The topic: Reaching readers in the digital age. Prescient. As a courtesy, a professional makeup artist was hired to touch up each editor’s makeup before she hit the stage; I figured I’d get a dusting of powder to combat shine and off I’d go. I was wrong.