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An Ode to August

August to me feels like adult summer break. Not the sleeping-until-noon and spending-all-day-at-the-pool breaks of yore, but it's more laid-back than the other eleven months. So, I plan to spend the next 31 days basking in summer's waning glow—and asking beauty industry veterans what products they stockpile for the season. That interview series will officially start tomorrow, but I’ll kick things off now with a few of my favorites:

Bring-Less, Look-Better Travel Tips

When I’m traveling, I aim to carry my luggage on board the plane. I was not always like this (just ask my beauty editor friend Didi who, for years, counted on me to pack the entire contents of my bathroom vanity when we went on press trips, enabling her to bring like a toothbrush and then borrow the rest). But, after losing my luggage too many times, and nearly missing flights because I was waiting in miles-long lines to check my bag, I finally learned how to minimize my beauty gear. My secret? Primp in advance; here's my strategy: