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Feeling a little sensitive?

My skin is not sensitive. But it is occasionally sensitized. That means it looks and feels like sensitive skin (red, flakey, sore), but the condition's temporary and self-inflicted—often the result of over-aggressive at-home exfoliating (or, in the winter, wind-burn). When this happens, I seek out skincare formulas that are gentle, soothing and low on active ingredients.

The Only Anti-Sunspot Strategy That Works

My friend Sandra recently underwent a series of laser treatments to zap off a smattering of sunspots. It worked and she’s pleased with the results. She’s also terrified of having the spots come back (as you know, laser treatments are no small expense), and correctly assessed that once you’ve had sunspots, you’re forever susceptible to them. Thus, she contacted me, asking for a fail-safe, spot-prevention strategy.  My answer in a word: Sunscreen. But not just any sunscreen. Which, I guess, is actually six words.