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The Only Anti-Sunspot Strategy That Works

My friend Sandra recently underwent a series of laser treatments to zap off a smattering of sunspots. It worked and she’s pleased with the results. She’s also terrified of having the spots come back (as you know, laser treatments are no small expense), and correctly assessed that once you’ve had sunspots, you’re forever susceptible to them. Thus, she contacted me, asking for a fail-safe, spot-prevention strategy.  My answer in a word: Sunscreen. But not just any sunscreen. Which, I guess, is actually six words.

Acne Tips I Wish I'd Known As A Teen

A classmate from grade school recently DM'd me, asking if I’d write a MediumBlonde post on how to create an effective anti-acne skincare routine for teens. And while MB is not a parenting blog, I figure most of us probably do (or will soon) have a teen or two in our lives (son, daughter, niece, nephew, grandchild, even a friend) who could use help combating acne without wrecking his or her skin.

Bring-Less, Look-Better Travel Tips

When I’m traveling, I aim to carry my luggage on board the plane. I was not always like this (just ask my beauty editor friend Didi who, for years, counted on me to pack the entire contents of my bathroom vanity when we went on press trips, enabling her to bring like a toothbrush and then borrow the rest). But, after losing my luggage too many times, and nearly missing flights because I was waiting in miles-long lines to check my bag, I finally learned how to minimize my beauty gear. My secret? Primp in advance; here's my strategy:

No. They're Not Real

Victoria Secret models, drag queens and Kardashians share a common trait worth copying: They can rock falsies. 

I’m talking about lashes, people. And while I’m not suggesting we all apply fake fringe every day, I do think, as we age (and our lashes become thinner), becoming adept at glueing on extra flutter (or finding a makeup artist to do it for you) is time well spent.