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How Green Should You Go?

I was talking to a beauty industry executive the other day about clean/green/natural (insert your own earth-centric buzz word) beauty. She confessed that, while there is no single traditional skin, hair or makeup product that she views as particularly harmful, the quantity of beauty products laced with chemicals we use over a lifetime does give her pause. Like one pack of Twizzlers at the movies=not so bad. But eating sugary twists daily for the rest of your life=not so good.

Acne Tips I Wish I'd Known As A Teen

A classmate from grade school recently DM'd me, asking if I’d write a MediumBlonde post on how to create an effective anti-acne skincare routine for teens. And while MB is not a parenting blog, I figure most of us probably do (or will soon) have a teen or two in our lives (son, daughter, niece, nephew, grandchild, even a friend) who could use help combating acne without wrecking his or her skin.