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Upgrade Your Look—Instantly

Years ago at a Bobbi Brown press event, Bobbi told us she considered a colorful scarf akin to makeup—that loosely wrapping pink or coral cloth around your neck was as face-brightening as blush. I agree and have relied on vibrant scarves on a number of occasions to make me look well-rested and pulled together when I felt neither. This week, I discovered another easy, instant, and uber-chic way to polish up my act stat: a vivid Evie Marques “The Jane” necklace. (Even better, unlike a scarf, it won’t exacerbate a heat flash. Hah.)

Put Yourself On the Nice List

If your household is like mine, you do all the holiday gift shopping. My husband came home yesterday evening and asked where all the wrapped, tagged and stacked gifts had “come from”—like Santa had popped by with a delivery while he was out. And while I am not complaining (I like being in charge of this family task), it’s a lot of work. Which is why, to say “thank” this time of year, I sometimes sneak in one small gift to myself.

Makeup Tricks for Days When Your Face Says, "I'm. So. Tired."

Do you ever have days when you're just dragging? Not sick. Not more sleep deprived than usual. Not hormonal. Well, maybe a little hormonal, but not unusually so. Just tired. And, unlike in my thirties when I felt fatigue but my face didn't advertise it, 40-something tired is pretty obvious (pale, shadowy, drawn—at times verging on Ignorance and Want in A Christmas Carol). Well, I was suffering from tired face last Thursday as I was dressing for an evening event. Not pretty. Luckily, after years of interviewing experts, I do have a few fatigue-hiding tricks up my sleeve (or in my makeup bag).

Looking For An Eye Cream? This Is What I Use

As a longtime beauty editor, I've been asked countless times for eye cream recommendations. And for years, my answer was disappointing: I don’t have one because I don’t use one. That’s not to say my under-eye skin hasn’t required TLC. Like most women, my eyes are aging faster than the rest of my face. But I found regular face creams (coupled with twice-a-year Botox) worked just fine at keeping my delicate under-eye skin smooth. Plus, an eye cream with too many bells and whistles often either irritated my sensitive eyes, made me puffy if I wore it overnight—or caused my concealer to pill if I applied it in the morning.

The Anti-Aging Power Of Pink

It’s not your imagination: Your cheeks and lips are paler than they were twenty years ago. Like hair, skin loses color with age, and the increasing sallowness can make us look drab and tired, even when we’ve had eight hours of sleep. Fair? No, but fixable.