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What Works: Taryn Rose

What Works: Taryn Rose

One benefit of working in the beauty industry for so many years is that I've encountered dozens of smart, savvy professionals (beauty company CEOs, product development VPs, power publicists, colorists, stylists, makeup artists, etc.) who've tried thousands of products and treatments, and, thus, have uber-informed beauty regimens. I've certainly swiped tips and recs from them—and now so can you. As part of a regular series, I’ll be asking inspiring, in-the-know women to share their best tips and favorite products. The point? As always, to find out what works.

Dr. (and shoe designer) Taryn Rose

Dr. (and shoe designer) Taryn Rose

Today's Insider: Taryn Rose, M.D., an orthopedic surgeon and founder of an eponomous shoe collection known for marrying fashion with function 

As a surgeon, Taryn repeatedly saw the damage that ill-fitting shoes could inflict on aging feet. So, she decided to create her own comfortable—but still stylish—shoe collection in the late 1990s, setting up headquarters in her garage. Taryn's shoe brand enjoyed steady but modest success initially. . .then she appeared on Oprah. Jackpot. The phenomenal success that followed enabled Taryn to sell her company in 2008 for a hefty profit and take some time off to focus on raising her three kids.

Nearly a decade later, Taryn's youngest child is now 12, and she has decided to rejoin forces with the shoe brand that bears her name, helping it refresh and relaunch this fall with designs that are both chic, as well as true to the original mission of a feel-goof fit. (Note: Most T.R. fall styles are up to 50 percent off right now; I have my eye on the Massima in Tan/Black and the Catherine in Wine.) Taryn also says her children's maturity has allowied her to "finally be able to take time for myself and focus on my fitness and self-care." So, what's she doing with that newfound time? Here, for Taryn, what works:

Her beauty product triumvirate

SK-II Moisturizer “It contains a protein they discovered in sake that makes the skin appear much younger.”

Chanel Rouge Allure Gloss “Provides just enough color and glow to my lips.”

Strip lashes “They open up my eyes and define them without my needing to wear a lot of makeup. I had lash extensions for the past five years, but now that I’m in public and photographed more with the relaunch of Taryn Rose footwear, they weren’t quite enough!”

Her weight-gain prevention plan “I truly believe there is some insulin resistance that occurs in menopause, which makes it harder to lose weight. So I eat New Earth Coconut yogurt [only sold in California] with live super probiotics every day to regulate my metabolism. I also practice intermittent fasting for twelve to fourteen hours to prevent insulin resistance, and I do hot Vinyasa yoga three to five times per week to enhance strength, balance and deep breathing. I believe this improves my creativity, helps me manage my stress and, again, regulates my metabolism.”

Favorite complexion corrector Giorgio Armani CC Cream

Favorite skincare line SK-II

Favorite way to perk up tired skin Chanel Powder Blush

How yoga enables her to wear heels “While I always knew women start to lose some sense of balance in their fifties, it came on very suddenly for me. In order to maintain my sense of balance—especially because I like to wear heels—I have to practice my standing yoga poses. Something I never thought about when I was younger!”

The Taryn Rose shoe collection is available online  here ,  here  and  here

The Taryn Rose shoe collection is available online here, here and here

One upside of aging “Not caring what other people think of me is so liberating. It takes years off your face!"

Two beauty musts "Find and use a good dry shampoo so you can wash your hair less often—and learn how to enhance your lashes and brows because they really define your look as you age."

Her approach to aging gracefully "I don’t think about age, I think about health. I’m not opposed to surgery if one uses it judiciously to look natural. A smile is an instant 'lift' in the meantime. As women, we need to do more weight training for our general health, as well as to prevent a flat butt, which to me is one of the signs of body aging that everyone forgets about. So squats, lunges and deadlifts not only improve metabolism but give you a more youthful silhouette.”

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