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Pro Picks: 5 Must-Haves From a Top Brow Guru

Pro Picks: 5 Must-Haves From a Top Brow Guru

Two weeks ago, I had by my brows shaped by arch expert Kristie Streicher. Here are the products she recommended (and/or used on me), many of which I’d never have thought to try on my own. And after two decades in the beauty business, that's saying something.

For more scoop (and surprising tips) from my visit with Kristie, check out yesterday’s post, here.

1. Mary Kay Brow Gel Kristie and her sisters, Jenn and Ashley, were invited on the Mary Kay press trip in part because Kristie has been a vocal fan of the brand’s brow gel for years. She discovered it years ago while visiting a friend whose mother used Mary Kay and gave Kristie products to try while she was in town. At the end of that visit, Kristie pocketed the Mary Kay brow gel and has been using (and raving about) it ever since. So, what makes it exceptional? Kristie cites the oversized application brush that fluffs and separates hairs as it shapes them (I found this made my brows look thicker)—as well as the gel formula that imparts a matte, non-flakey finish that holds hair in place for hours.

Kristie Streicher  at work. 

Kristie Streicher at work. 

2. Laura Mercier Brow Dimension Fiber Infused Color Gel “I like that the fibers in this tinted formula are tiny so they look natural; the brush is small, so you’re less apt to over-apply; and the colors are believable. I especially like the Black on blondes, believe it or not. I just wipe the brush on a tissue to remove excess product, then comb it on,” says Kristie.

3. Argan or coconut oil Kristie recommends dapping either of these non-comedogenic oils over your brows before tweezing. “This softens the skin so hair slides out more easily. It also minimizes pain and irritation after plucking.” Kristie sells an Argan oil blend of her own, called Afore Oil at 

4. Surratt Beauty Expressioniste Brow Gel in Raven “This is a universal brow color; it really looks good on so many women, even pale blondes,” says Kristie. I’d like to add that Kristie convinced me to switch from my deep blonde brow pencil to Mary Kay’s Brunette Definer, a cooler brown. And she’s right; the darker, ashier hue is more natural with my skin tone (warm tones tend to go muddy on me), and, surprisingly, it’s not too dark.

5. Rubis Switzerland Tools Kristie is coming out with her own set of brow-shaping tools, to be sold on, later this summer. The kit was created in collaboration with Rubis, whose tweezers and scissors she’s been using for years.

Oh, and one more thing
Kristie convinced me to tint my brows a deeper ashy blonde. I’ve done this before, and every time I do, I always ask myself why this isn't a regular part of my brow-grooming regimen. The dye colors even the teensiest baby hairs, making sparse brows look instantly fuller. On me, the tinting lasts about three to four weeks. Most colorists or experienced brow specialists will do this for you if you ask.

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Spend Or Skip: Rodan + Fields Lash Boost (12 weeks)

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